About Red Dragon Records

Red Dragon Records is AIM registered and was first conceived in December 2011. It was founded by an individual who’s background has been technology and wanted to apply this to the music industry. The initial concept for the label was to work with artists at a very early stage in their career and use social media to sell their music and raise awareness about them. Unfortunately in this day and age social media is one of the weakest, if not the weakest method of promotion for any medium. So, we adapted and rapidly evolved into what we are today; taking on artists using a 360 deal, fully funding merchandise, recording, mixing, mastering and using professional radio pluggers as well as our own in-house PR team to put together campaigns to maximize every pound spent to make sure the artist hits as much of the connected world as possible.

We take our artists and turn them into fully functional, profit making business’s which is what they need to be to make a living out of their passion.

We aren’t some small indie label hoping and praying on social media to get your music sales, radio play or publishing deals. We invest heavily into our bands and they are never liable for a penny spent, regardless whether or not their time with us has been successful or not. We have strong industry connections including an affiliate deal with Spectra music, one of the biggest independent labels in the world, and if you are successful with us and prove to be a hard working band there is a good chance you will be passed onto them where your multi-million pound recording career could blossom!

We understand that many artists don’t want to be signed to a label so we offer all the services that we offer to our artists to you too at a cost. these include video production, CD manufacturing, PR campaigns, website building and hosting and merchandise finance deals. We also have put together a free mobile app that contains pretty much everything you need to get a good start with your career when or if you decide to be serious about it.

If you are interested in talking to us or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us