Earn more for your photos than a stream of your song?

After the hugely successful launch of Videscape 14 months ago leading to a site today that has almost a million users we decided to launch ClickASnap. ClickAsnap is the worlds first photo site that pays users everytime their photo is viewed. With stringent  human moderation and advanced content selection algorithims it ensures that the quality of the content on the platform is kept high and that any unwanted content is rapidly removed from the site.

To date the site has paid out an average of 0.45 cents per photo view. To put that into perspective if your band went and wrote a song, recorded it, mastered it, distributed it and then for every listen on Spotify they would receive 0.01 cents per listen. Arguably, you are better off taking a picture of your band placing it on ClickASnap and you will make far more income than you would from putting your song on Spotify!

We, as the label of innovation and exploring new grounds will be extensively using the site to monetise further our artists content. So why not try it yourself? The site is free to use and you lose no copyright so you really have nothing to lose!



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