Red Dragon Under New Management

Up until now Tom Oswald has been the founder and CEO of Red Dragon Records Limited. Unfortunately he has to take a step back to take on the workload associated with Videscape and Clickasnap and has appointed Josh Roberts as the new Managing director of the label. Josh is 24, full of ambition and extremely knowledgable of the music world from the bands side. He will be taking on several new bands over the course of the next several years, booking them into new gigs and tours prior to offering them slots on the label, where, as before they will be  fully funded with no debt liabillities regardless of the outcome of their stay with the label.

To reiterate artists on our label receive the following:

  • Fully funded merchandise, money is paid to the artist from the first product they sell
  • All Audio media funded
  • Gig/Tour booking
  • Full studio recording. The studio is selected by the artist and paid for by the label
  • Distribution paid for
  • Anything the artist needs (within reason) is purchased by the label
  • The Artist never owes any money regardless of whether they are successful or not

There is no fee and no costs associated with becoming an artist on Red Dragon Records. We are not a small or ‘scam’ or ‘pay to join’ label. We invest in those we believe in, and will continue to do so, as well as looking into the future and innovating to maxmise exposure and monetisation strategies.

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